Before You Sell Your Home…

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How to prepare your home for best results.

You have your financing in order, you have your Realtor® hired, and now you have some detailed tasks to take care of. What might they be?

Most likely your agent spoke to you about things like curb appeal and de-personalizing your home. These things truly make a difference in how quickly you sell your home and the offers you receive. If buyers are comparing your 3 bedroom 2 bath granite counter home to the one around the corner, and yours has an overgrown landscape with a dead lawn and weeds, while the other home has a healthy green lawn and maintained landscaping, your neighbor is going to give a better impression and create good feelings before anyone even walks through the front door. You may not have time to bring a dead lawn back to life, but trimming back overgrown hedges to show the house better and clean the front porch goes a long way in creating a good first impression.

Following the first impression outside, is now the even more important inside impression. If buyers walk through the front door into a house that is decorated minimally to better show the spaciousness of the home, with no family photos that make them feel like intruders, it will appeal more than a house they step into that is packed full of decorations and a wall full of family photos. Why? Because people have a difficult time seeing past things and imagining how it could be. They see family photos and think about your family, rather than seeing a blank wall that could display whatever they like. And since you are selling your home with plans to move, it makes perfect sense to go ahead and box up the extra decor items, and remove the personal photos so you appeal to more buyers AND you have already begun your packing, It’s a win-win! We know you still have to live and function in your home, but if you don’t use it daily, or weekly, pack it away.

And clean. Especially if you live in an area that is competing against new builds. You know that new car smell that everyone loves? Well, it applies to a home too. Do you want to sell your home quickly for as much as possible? Then clean your home like your mother-in-law is coming to visit and she plans to do the white glove test. If two homes are for sale with similar features and price, but one is cleaner and smells better, you can guess which one will be the winner. It’s your choice of course, but if you want best results, like everything in life, you have to put forth best efforts.

Your Realtor® will guide you on what is needed to successfully sell your property. They know the competition so their guidance is valuable and helpful. Happy selling!